Monopoly Slingo Game Guide

We all have our own set of memories related to Monopoly. Getting stuck in jail, maxing out your goodwill with the Banker to build a hotel on Mayfair… this is more than just a board game, it’s a beloved cultural icon with millions of dedicated players to this very day. The immense popularity of Monopoly has allowed it to evolve beyond its humble origins into a sprawling online gaming empire.

There are now console games, apps, and, of course, online casino games that allow players from every corner of the globe to indulge their love of the board. One of the latest and most daring additions to the gaming franchise comes in the form of brand new Monopoly Slingo, with a mix of slots bingo gameplay.

The title brings together all of the most exciting elements of online slots, bingo hall and Monopoly board game to create a real-money title that looks set to take the country by storm. If you’re interested in playing, read on to find out everything you need to know about this game!

About The Game

RTP: 95.30%Bonus Features: Mr Monopoly Bonus, Joker, House and Hotel Extension, Chance Card, Double Roll
Rolls: 7 – 8Volatility: Variable
Extra Rolls: UnlimitedMin / Max Bet: €0.20 – €25

Monopoly Slingo by provider: Gaming Realms stands out from previous Slingo titles. The game works as a digital Monopoly board, complete with all of the neighbourhoods you’ll recognise from the original board game and the inclusion of Chance cards, the Community Chest and the Pass Go square. You’ll also be able to select a player icon that mimics the classics from the board game, including the dog, the top hat, the sports car, and the battleship.

As a player, you’ll roll the dice to move around the grid, much like in the board game. However, this is where the similarities end. Taking elements from the popular Slingo format, which we’ll explain in more detail later, the Monopoly board consists of “property cards” that you must land on to cross them off. Much like in bingo, the goal is to get a line or a full house by landing on the right set of cards in succession.

The goal is to land on a set of properties to win cash prizes and multipliers. For example, landing on all dark blue Property cards will net you the biggest prizes, as these are where the most valuable properties are. Just as it is in the board game, the player wins the most by amassing the most properties and maximising their cash winnings although, in this case, the prize is real money, rather than Monopoly cash.

Monopoly Slingo Gameplay

How To Play Slingo

You can learn this game in minutes. It has a very simple 5×3 reel setup with 10 fixed paylines. This layout and arcade theme are quite common among UK online slots, and yet Starburst™ slot manages to stand out.

The highest paying symbol in this UK online slot is the bar symbol, which can give you a maximum win that is worth 250x your original stake. This is followed by the 7 symbol with a max multiplier of 120x your stake.

The lower paying symbols in this online slot are represented by the illuminated gems. The yellow gem gives out a maximum win worth 60x your original stake, followed by the green gem worth 50x and the orange gem worth 40x. The blue and purple gems both give out a max win of 25x your stake if you manage to land five of a kind on a payline.

Before deep-diving into the rules of Monopoly Slingo, it’s worth explaining in more detail how Slingo works, in case you aren’t familiar. As mentioned before, it’s a popular online casino format that combines online slot reels with the buzz of the bingo hall. In a typical game of Slingo, the ‘reels’ that you’d expect in a slot game have instead been swapped out with bingo cards. Your goal is to keep spinning until you manage to get a row, a full house, corners, and so on.

Just like with online slots, Slingo games will often give out wilds. With a wild, you’ll be able to get further in the game, say by using a wild that allows you to cross off any number of your choice, or a wild that gives you some extra free spins.

Game Rules

You can keep spinning and wagering until you cross off all of the cards needed to get a full house, allowing you to go for the grand cash prize. You can play progressively, ranking up bonuses, free spins, and multipliers as you get closer and closer to the full house. If your initial spins are up and you want to keep going, you can simply add another wager to keep on playing.

If you want to play Monopoly Slingo, it’s worth noting that the rules are a little different. The main difference is that the game is structured like the classic board game rather than a bingo sheet. Instead of spinning the reels, you roll the dice. With each roll, you have the chance of landing on a property card. As a player, instead of going for a straight line, you win points and cash by landing on all of the properties from the same group, i.e. blue or green. With each group of properties won, you advance further up the Win Ladder. Once you reach the top of the Win Ladder, you’ve gotten the equivalent of a Full House, for which the top prize is a whopping €100,000. 

Monopoly Slingo Full House

There are also several wilds and features that players can access, such as: 

Double Roll Bonus: Roll a double and receive an extra free spin (free roll). 

Joker: If you land on a joker, the cards are shuffled and a card is randomly selected from each property set. You then advance to whichever random property is picked out.

Chance & Community Chest Bonuses: These wilds are awarded whenever you land on a chance or community chest card. They can dish out free rolls, cash prizes, and the chance to move to wherever you want on the board. 

Mr Monopoly Bonus: Uncle Pennybags icon will appear during free rolls. If you get more than one, you’ll be awarded with lucrative multipliers. Property/Hotel Extension: Extensions that allow you to extend the reel by one row. 

Player Volatility Modes Explained 

Perhaps the most intriguing thing about this game is the player volatility modes. The volatility of the game you play will vary dramatically depending on what player icon you select. For example, choosing the dog icon will give you a total of eight rolls, up to four extra rolls, and a potential 500x prize. However, choosing the T-Rex icon will give you seven rolls, unlimited extra (free) rolls, and a maximum 4,000x prize. All icons come with different stakes, giving you the freedom to choose the mode and pace of gameplay that suits you best. 

Now that you know exactly how to play Monopoly Slingo, join our Canadian online casino, roll the dice and get started!

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