Casino Mythbusting: 10 Blackjack Myths

Many urban myths revolve around the popular casino game Blackjack. Busting these myths as true or false will give players a heads up to play blackjack with added skill and style.

In this blog, we will cover some of the most popular casino myths and facts surrounding blackjack.

1. Mastering The Basic Rules Will Help You Master The Table

If you know the basic rules of play and take your time in developing and mastering your skills, it will help you notice odds and will give you the tools needed to play the game more tactfully. But does knowing the basics and taking time to master them really make you a skilled player?

True: Players who are unfamiliar with the basics are more likely to get a negative end result. So harnessing your blackjack skills is definitely a positive since it helps you to strategise the game more to your advantage.

2. Card Counting Is Illegal

A well-known blackjack playing manoeuvre popularised in films and books is counting the cards. This technique is generally perceived as being frowned upon and illegal, which can result in the player being banned from the casino altogether. But is it actually true?

False: Counting cards is not illegal and is a widespread blackjack technique where players mentally track cards as they’re being played. You can get banned if you’re caught though.

3. A Soft 18 Is Not The Ideal Hand

There are also many misconceptions around the blackjack myth of a soft 18. This is a hand that’s worth 18 and includes an ace, worth 11. A soft 18 hand could be a hand containing and ace and a seven or an ace, a three and a four. Most players insist that a soft 18 is a good hand only if the dealer shows a two upcard and a seven upcard. For weaker cards (3, 4, 5, 6) it’s better to double down. But should you follow this rule?

True: Yes, you totally should!. A soft 18 is not an ideal hand on which to stand. So when a dealer shows you a 10, it’s recommended to hit on an ace-seven.

4. Progressive Betting Increases Your Winning Chances

The progressive betting system is when players double their bets with every loss; in this way and with every losing bet, you increase the chance to win. Or so they say, but is it true?

False: The winning bet has no impact on the bet that follows it. The progressive betting technique is purely a myth and it does not increase your player’s winning chances.

5. Odds Shift As Each Card Is Removed From The Shoe

What gives blackjack a special reputation compared to other card games? As we mentioned before, blackjack gives players the possibility to add an element of skill into their game. But do the odds change throughout the game?

True: Keeping track of the cards means that you know what cards have been played already, so if you can keep an eye on what’s been dealt, the odds may shift into the player’s favour. Keep in mind, however, that this is easier to do when playing physical games.

6. Having Good Maths Skills Will Help You In The Game

One of the most common and questionable blackjack myths is that in order to increase your winning chances, the players have to be good in their mathematical skills. But do you need a PhD to learn all the odds and play well?

False: The casinos hold no mathematical edge over players and even though knowing blackjack’s basics will help you be a better player, winning odds are always based on chance.

7. Blackjack Dealers Possess A Ten In The Hole

The dealer handling the blackjack game always has a ten-value card in the hole and the game is played with that assumption in mind. Does it hold up to scrutiny, though?

False: There are a total of 52 cards in a single deck of cards, and only 30% of these cards hold a value of ten (cards 10, Jack, King, and Queen). That leaves 70% of the deck still in play.

8. The More You Lose, The Greater The Chance You’ll Win

A very popular myth which needs some heavy debunking is the notion that with every loss, the winning streak will get bigger. Again, does the myth hold up when compared to what happens in reality?

False: Winning or losing at blackjack in the past does not translate into higher and lower percentages of winning in the future.

9. Play It Safe: Play It As The Dealer Plays It

If you’re still a newbie but have grasped some of the basics, you might find yourself thinking that it’s a good strategy to copy the dealer’s moves since they would be strictly following the house rules. But is it such a good idea to mimic the dealer?

False: Though it’s a logical thought, the player has to keep in mind that a dealer cannot double or split. So as an evolving player, do erase this common blackjack misconception.

10. Winning Blackjack Is Not Only About Luck

Knowing blackjack rules and basics will help you calculate your moves. This means that winning blackjack is not only a matter of luck.

True: Sort of. Knowing the basics means knowing your odds, and knowing how best to deal with those odds. Like in any other casino card game, even though chance plays a big part in winning the game, your chances of winning a particular hand can be affected by the player’s level of skill and strategic decision-making.

So before you play blackjack we suggest you discard costly myths, know the facts and master the basics rules to improve your understanding and enjoyment of this much-loved casino game.

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How many of these myths did you manage to bust?

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