Big Guide To The Street Fighter II Slot

The world of video gaming is an incredibly diverse place at the moment, with many different types of games doing very well across platforms including PC, console, and mobile. However, sometimes you simply can’t beat the classics.

Retro gaming has become a huge focal point in the industry over the last few years, with interest in the simple pleasures of many classic titles going through the roof. The trend has even led big names like Nintendo to release new versions of their classic consoles so that gamers can relive their glory days. Now, old-school gaming fans are in for a treat in the world of online slots too, as one of the most iconic video games of all time has entered the arena and is ready to take on the competition.

The legendary Street Fighter II has been transformed into a slot by NetEnt, but the good news does not stop there. We are delighted to announce that we will be offering it exclusively to our players a full 48 hours before it appears anywhere else!

But just what can you expect from the game? This guide offers a full lowdown on everything you need to know about this new addition to the online slots world, beginning with a reminder as to why the release is such big news.

Street Fighter II: The Story Behind The Legend

Street Fighter II: The World Warrior was originally released by Capcom on arcades in 1991, but the title went on to become a video gaming phenomenon when it launched on Nintendo’s SNES console the following year.

The game was renowned for its one-to-one fighting style, with memorable fighters such as Ryu, Ken, Chun Li, and Blanka doing battle in a host of different environments. The objective of the game was simple – to use a range of moves to drain your opponent’s health and defeat them in combat.

Street Fighter II was a major success on its release and, to date, it is thought to have sold in the region of 6.3 million units. It actually remained Capcom’s biggest selling game for around 20 years and was only finally overtaken by Resident Evil 5 in 2013. The classic fighting title still sits in fifth position in the company’s all-time sales figures at the time of writing.

The impact of Capcom’s creation has extended far beyond the video gaming world. Street Fighter II grew to become a pop culture phenomenon, with countless sequels and reinventions of the game being released through the years. Its success was also a key driver behind the creation of the Street Fighter film which was a great early example of Hollywood looking to the world of gaming for inspiration.

What to Expect From The Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Slot

Street Fighter II’s incredible legacy means that NetEnt clearly had a big responsibility when it came to adapting the arcade and console classic into a slot game. The developer is one of the best known in casino gaming and has made countless online slots based on franchises, including Planet of the Apes and Jumanji. However, it could be argued that tackling this much-loved classic is a whole different ball game.

Fortunately, the Street Fighter II slot game successfully captures the spirit of the original and brings the old-school experience of playing on a SNES to life in a number of new ways.

Classic Fighters

All of the classic fighters you know and love from Street Fighter II: The World Warrior are present in the official slot game. Players get to choose one of eight famous faces to represent them in action, with the roster featuring:

  • Ryu
  • Ken
  • E. Honda
  • Blanka
  • Dhalsim
  • Chun Li
  • Guile
  • Zangief

Each character had their own moves in the video game and this has been carried into the world of online slots. More specifically, they have slightly different variance levels, and this may well have an impact on the outcomes you achieve with each.

The Street Fighter II slot also includes boss fights, with Balrog, Vega, Sagat, and M. Bison featuring in special rounds.

Old-School Feel

The Street Fighter II slot’s impressive artwork is one of the first things you will notice when you load the game. NetEnt has pulled out all the stops to evoke the title’s classic style and it feels like being transported back to the days of SNES.

The design of the slot is very old-school, with the fighters, backgrounds, and audio all being a throwback to the console classic. The use of low-resolution style lettering throughout also adds another dose of nostalgia to the game as well.

Game Mechanics

Online slots feature all kinds of themes these days. However, the best ones not only embrace the theme in a visual sense, but also manage to adapt elements of them into the gameplay. The Street Fighter II slot from NetEnt does this in many ways, each reminding you what it was like playing the original game on a console.

Just like the original, you can choose your fighter and meet your opponent. The combinations you achieve on the reels then determine which character receives the most damage, with the action continuing until one competitor has no health points left.

Features like this mark out the Street Fighter II slot from more traditional slot games out there at the moment, whilst also perfectly encapsulating the action of the original title.

How To Play The Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Slot

So now that you know what to expect from the Street Fighter II slot, how do you go about playing it? First step is selecting your fighter. This is actually more important than you may realise, as each fighter has a different impact on the variance of the game.

The overall RTP for the game is 96.06%, while the RTP for each individual character is as follows:

  • Ryu: 96.02%
  • Ken: 96.06%
  • E. Honda: 96.05%
  • Blanka: 96.08%
  • Dhalsim: 96.04%
  • Chun Li: 96.08%
  • Guile: 96.04%
  • Zangief: 96.08%

The fighter you select is then placed in a fight with a random opponent, the outcome on the reels determining who wins and who loses.

The game features a 5 x 5 grid and is one of the latest to make use of NetEnt’s Cluster Pays and Avalanche technology. NetEnt has described Cluster Pays in the past as a mechanic which gives players a chance to boost payouts when they secure a cluster of winning symbols. In contrast, the developer describes Avalanche as a concept that sees the symbols fall onto the reels rather than them spinning.


Many different symbols drop onto the screen during your fights, with the character symbols having a significant bearing on the outcome of the combat.

Your fighter’s symbols cause damage to your opponent, while the latter’s symbols have the same impact on your character. The health bar at the top of the screen keeps you updated on how the battle is going, with a competitor losing when their health reaches zero.

The fighter symbols are high-value and come in both a Victory and Defeat format, while the low-value symbols are represented by A, K, Q, and J. A combination of four or more matching symbols leads to wins, with the potential prize depending on the number you collect.

Key features

There is a lot more to the Street Fighter II slot than those basic elements. NetEnt’s creation includes a number of notable key features, with one of the most important being the Wild Gauge.

Wild Gauge and Wild Combo

The Wild Gauge is included in the main game and the Beat the Boss Free Spins section, which we will go into shortly.

The game’s trailer explains how each high-value symbol in a winning combination secures you one point for your gauge. If you collect seven or more points, the gauge is then activated, and Wild Combo features come into play.

The features available depend on the character which has been selected but, in each case, it sees Wild symbols placed at random across the reels.

Beat the Boss Free Spins

Street Fighter II was always renowned for its bosses, and that element of the game has not been forgotten during its move into the world of online slots. Once you win a battle in the game, you enter Beat the Boss Free Spins. This section of the game puts you up against a boss with the win multiplier increasing at every level. The multipliers are:

  • Balrog: x2
  • Vega: x3
  • Sabat: x5
  • M. Bison: x10

The trailer for the game explains that you can only move to the next level by beating a boss. If you defeat all four, you become World Warrior Champion and also win an extra prize.

Insert Coin Gamble Feature

All is not lost if you lose your battle at one of the levels, however. You can make use of the Insert Coin gamble feature to restart the previous battle and attempt to secure a portion of your winnings.

Car Smash Bonus Game

The final special feature that the Street Fighter II slot uses to evoke memories of the original title is the Car Smash Bonus Game.

This feature is activated when you lose a battle and you then have to destroy a car in order to receive a random coin win.

The Street Fighter II Slot – The Vital Statistics

  • Offers an RTP of 96.06%
  • The game is based on a grid of five columns and five rows
  • Eight playable fighters offering different variance levels
  • Eight different Wild Combo features
  • Four iconic bosses offering x2, x3, x5, and x10 multipliers
  • Two types of high-value symbols – Victory and Defeat
  • Four low-value symbols – A, K, Q, and J

A Fresh Take On A Classic

Retro gaming is back in fashion in a big way at the moment. Old-school stars like Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog are making their presence felt in mobile gaming, and now a classic fighting game is set to have a major impact on the world of online slots too.

The Street Fighter II slot from NetEnt is a new way to enjoy the iconic title, with it effectively utilising a range of different features to evoke memories of the original.

We are delighted to be able to offer it as an exclusive for 48 hours before its full launch, and we are sure it will prove to be a popular addition to our hand-picked selection of games.

Play Street Fighter II at LiveRoulette and discover how this gaming classic has been brought back to life on our Canadian online casino!

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