Real Dealer Personalised Online Roulette

Live online roulette just got a little bit better thanks to Real Dealer. The company previewed its latest innovation at the ICE Gaming conference in 2020; and now the games are live. At first, they look like any other online roulette offering. However, once you peel back the layers, there are some neat features that make Real Dealer Live Roulette a standout.

To help you understand how this online roulette innovation provides a personal gaming experience, we’ve shone a spotlight on the features Real Dealer has to offer. From the general feel of its games, to what you can expect to see as you spin, this guide to Real Dealer Roulette should explain why it’s a rising star on the live gaming scene.

Why Are Real Dealer Live Online Roulette Tables A Game-Changer?

The developers have described their creation as a game-changer. That’s easy to say but tough to live up to in today’s gaming world. Our live roulette lobby is packed with tables that range from the traditional to the exotic. So, what makes the Real Dealer games stand out from the crowd?

Cinematic Productions

All the best live roulette tables use HD webcams, but Real Roulette tables go a few steps further. As well as high-quality streams, these games have been given some added production value. The company describes it as “cinematic” enhancements. In practice, the dealers are not only trained in the rules of roulette but are also professional actors. This means that in all your interactions with live dealers, you get nothing but flawless dialogue and engaging interactions.

The video streams are also given a boost by a team of post-production experts. From a director to engineers, the videos are constantly being tweaked to ensure the highest quality. Finally, you can watch instant replays and even slow the action down to see exactly how you hit a big win or narrowly missed out.  

A One-to-One Experience

Live roulette is great. You get to connect with real people and play some fantastic games in real-time. However, as the genre has grown in popularity, so too has the number of players participating in the action.

The most popular tables at LiveRoulette will regularly get hundreds of people either playing or spectating. That’s great as it creates a certain amount of energy in the chat box. However, it also means dealers must split their attention between a lot of things.

Firstly, they’ve got to worry about managing the game. Secondly, they need to watch the countdown timer. Finally, they need to try and interact with as many players as possible. That’s a tough task and it can leave you feeling more like a passenger than an active participant.

Real Roulette tables are different. When you play, it’s just you and the dealer. This means they’ve got much more time to focus on you, your bets and your overall experience. From noting your favourite numbers to personalised chit chat, the dealers make sure you’re in the driving seat each time you play.  

Real Roulette Online

Privacy and Clarity

Linked to the fact it’s just you and the dealer is the setting for each game. Instead of a busy casino floor or studio filled with multiple games, each Real Dealer online roulette table is set in its own private room. This means you not only get the undivided attention of the dealer, but clear sound and continuous quality.

There are certain times when a bit of hustle and bustle is fun. Indeed, one of the reasons land-based casinos attract roulette players is because there’s a buzz at the tables. However, when you’re playing online, there are times when peace and quiet is preferable. The live online roulette tables from Real Dealer give you this luxury.

Real Roulette Online

High Energy 24/7

The action never stops on Real Dealer online roulette tables. The dealers are trained to entertain, which means they do more than simply call for bets. Their job is to make your experience as enjoyable as possible.

In-Game Extras and Stats

Having high-quality videos and dealers is great but all that counts for nothing if the tables don’t have any useful features. Online roulette games from Real Dealer allow you to bet using a standard view or the racetrack mode. You can also make combination bets using the “specials” option, or you can store your favourite bets and make them with a single click.

Real Roulette Online

Finally, every table features a stats tracker. This tells you which numbers have been drawn and which ones have appeared most/least often. Although this information can’t guarantee you a win, it’s nice to know how the game is flowing.

Real Roulette Online

An Online Roulette Experience like No Other

Overall, the live online roulette tables from Real Dealer bring something extra to the mix. Even among the top live games online, these ones stand out because of the developer’s focus on quality. The cinematic touches are great, but the real reason these games impress is the fact it’s just you and the dealer.

Few live roulette games can offer this, and it makes for a more intimate, more engaging experience. When you combine all of these qualities with affordable betting limits, handy in-game betting options, and mobile compatibility, it’s easy to see why they’re gaining popularity. Play now on our Canadian online casino!

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