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What Is Live Roulette?

Roulette has been around since the 18th century and, during that time, it’s evolved significantly. In the early days, the basics were refined to form the three main games we know today (European, American and French).

However, the innovations didn’t stop there. As well as game operators developing new ways to play, the internet took things to a new level. Alongside digital twists such as Double Ball Roulette, modern online casinos now feature live streaming technology.

By marrying together HD camera technology, RFID trackers and graphical overlays, game developers have turned roulette into a virtual product. In simple terms, trackers on the table record what’s going on. This information is then processed by a central system and that allows bets to be noted as winners/losers.

At the same time this is going on, virtual graphics and live video are available on the screen so you can take part, live. The result is a virtual gaming experience that’s almost like the real thing, with a whole realm of new possibilities.

At LiveRoulette, you’ll now find dozens of live tables, each with their own style. To help you sort through the top options and find live casino roulette games that suit you, we’ve picked out some of the leading products. As well as showing you the main features of each, we’ll explain why they’re popular and how you can find your ideal match.

Why Live Roulette Is So Popular

Live roulette is popular for many reasons. The game itself is obviously appealing, otherwise it would have died out centuries ago. Beyond roulette, live casino tables have something else going for them: interaction. When you’re playing digital roulette, the only thing you must focus on is yourself. In other words, it’s just you and the computer. Even if you’re in a multi-player game, the digital setting means you’re somewhat isolated.

Switch to something like live Lightning Roulette and you’re anything but isolated. As well as the chat boxes that stream messages, the dealer is on hand to interact with you and the game. Add to this special effects and multiple camera angles, and you really feel part of the action when you play live roulette.

Of course, speed is always a selling point when you play online. Countdown timers make sure that bets are placed in a timely manner and high-quality wheels deliver smooth spins that match anything bricks and mortar games can produce. Live online roulette is the perfect blend of entertainment, engagement and action.

How To Find Your Ideal Casino Roulette Table

Lightning Roulette is one of the top offerings right now. However, it’s the tip of a much larger iceberg. At LiveRoulette, our lobby is filled with options. From the traditional to the innovative, each game has its own unique features. One way to find a game that suits you is trial and error. Not sure where to begin? Ask yourself the following questions.

  • Roulette Table Limits – Do I want to play roulette for low stakes or high stakes?
  • Roulette Format – Am I a fan of traditional games or those with novel twists?
  • Enhanced Payouts – Do I want the chance to unlock added multipliers or am I happy with standard payouts?
  • Roulette Speed – Would I rather the dealer focuses more on spins or entertainment?
  • Entertainment – Am I in the market for a virtual party or do I want the game to speak for itself?

By answering those questions, you should have a better chance of finding the game you love. Of course, when you play live roulette online, you’ll have the chance to test out multiple games on your desktop or mobile. However, if you’re looking to zone in on a few as a starting point, it’s worth considering the main differences between them.

Now we’ve covered the basics, let’s look at the some of the most popular live roulette games at LiveRoulette.

Lightning Roulette

Arguably the hottest thing in live gaming right now, Lightning Roulette was developed by Evolution Gaming and pioneered a new feature. Each time the wheel spins, up to five random numbers are hit with lightning strikes. Any number that’s hit will have its payout increased from 50x up to 500x. So, if the lightning strikes hit the numbers 1, 5 and 27, each one will be assigned a random multiplier. From there, any winning bets on a lightning number will be paid out according to the multiplier.

Here’s an example:

The live Lightning Roulette wheel is spun and the following numbers are struck at random:

  • 3 = 100x multiplier
  • 15 = 50x multiplier
  • 19 = 200x multiplier
  • 32 = 500x multiplier

Outcome 1: The wheel slows and lands on 19. All straight-up bets on 19 will be paid out at 200x your stake.

Outcome 2: Alternatively, the wheel slows and the ball lands on 12 – a number that wasn’t struck by lightning. All straight-up bets on 12 will be paid out at 30x.

Two things are important to note here. Firstly, only straight-up bets count. In other words, if you haven’t bet on a single number, you won’t receive an enhanced payout. Secondly, the maximum payout on straight-up bets not hit with live lightning strikes is 30:1. That’s lower than the standard 35:1 you’ll find at other live roulette tables.

Aside from those two conditions, Lightning Roulette runs in the same way as any other game.

Live Exclusive Roulette

Sometimes you might want something a little more intimate than. Instead of following the crowd and waiting for live lightning strikes, you can try Live Exclusive Roulette. Offering a slightly more refined experience, these tables are ideal for those that have set ways of playing. You can choose from a wide table limit and save your favourite bets. What’s great about this feature is that you can save multiple bets and mix things up as desired.

As well as personalisation features, Live Exclusive Roulette features generous betting limits. At the lowest stakes, you’ll be able to stake €1 per round. However, if you’ve got more to spend, it’s possible to wager as much as €10,000 per spin.

Speed Roulette

If Lightning Roulette is all about random multipliers and Exclusive Roulette is all about customisation then Speed tables are all about the timing. As you’d expect, these European games operate at a quicker rate than other live tables. According to Evolution Gaming’s comparisons, you’ll be able to enjoy approximately 50 more spins per hour in Speed games than you will on other live roulette tables.

You’ve got just 25 seconds to place your bets!

VIP Roulette

Despite what you might think, Live VIP Roulette tables aren’t reserved for high rollers. While it’s true these games do allow you to wager more than the average, we have two variants available at LiveRoulette. For the novice that wants to feel like a high roller, Live VIP Auto Roulette tables allow you to bet as little as €0.20 per round. These wheels are controlled automatically, which means you don’t have to wait for the dealer to set the game in motion. The result is an express VIP experience.

Live VIP Roulette tables require you to wager a minimum of €2 per round. That’s 10 times more than low stakes tables. So this game is much more suited to those with large bankrolls. In fact, thanks to betting limits topping €10,000, these games have become extremely popular with experienced roulette players.

Aspers Casino Roulette

In recent years, the evolution of live roulette has brought a new type of game into the mix. Known as live casino floor roulette, these games link you to tables inside popular venues, instead of a custom-built casino studio. If you play Aspers Casino Roulette, the tables are situated on a real gaming floor.

You’ll be able to open the game and see a live table inside London’s Aspers Casino. The benefit of these games is that the authenticity is taken to a new level. As well as feeling like you’re taking part in a “real” game, you’ll sense the buzz of activity from the gaming floor. Because the live streams are being broadcast from a functioning casino, there’s a greater sense of atmosphere. This, in turn, makes the whole experience more engaging and enjoyable.

Foxwoods Casino Roulette

Like Aspers Casino Roulette, Foxwoods Live brings you action direct from a busy gaming floor. In these games, you’ll get access to American roulette games from inside Connecticut’s Foxwoods Resort Casino. The one benefit of playing these live roulette games online is that you can wager in sterling rather than dollar bills. Because the software is tailored to suit national markets, only the game itself has an American vibe. So you can enjoy a transatlantic betting experience with the convenience of betting in your native currency on a device that suits you.

Live Casino Roulette – Immerse Yourself in a World of Action Today

The key to getting the most from your time online is finding the right game. By highlighting some of the best live roulette games, our aim is to show you the diversity of what’s on offer. However, we know that everyone will have their own ideas on what’s entertaining and what’s not. The best thing you can do is try the games out for yourself.

By creating an account at LiveRoulette, you’ll get instant access to top live roulette games in the business, from Lightning and Speed Roulette to the all-action Instant Roulette. Once you’ve found your ideal match, make sure you play conservatively. By sticking to sensible betting limits, you’ll have the opportunity to remain active as long as you want. Always play responsibly!

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