Live Roulette Streaming


1. The Phenomenon Of Live Casino Gaming
1.1. The Technology Behind Live Casino Streams
2. The Components Of Live Roulette Streaming
2.1. Camera Angles
2.2. Live Chat Boxes
2.3. Real-Time Game Data
2.4. Game Control Units (GCUS)
2.5. Game Monitors
3. What Is A Live Roulette Studio Like?
4. The Most Popular Platforms For Live Streaming
4.1. Twitch
4.2. YouTube
4.3. Facebook Gaming
4.4. Mixer
5. Most Popular Roulette Streamers


The Phenomenon Of Live Casino Gaming

How would you like the chance to play your favourite casino table games with professionally trained dealers, from the comfort of your settee? If you aren’t already aware of the live casino phenomenon, it’s now entirely possible to watch a human dealer manage a game of live casino involving you and many other players from across the world.

Live-streamed casino games were designed to create a next-generation, immersive casino gaming experience; one that helped people enter their own virtual casino environment without even having to leave the confines of their home.

Video streaming ranks as one of the most important technological advancements for many digital industries including online casinos. Today, high-definition streams are considered the norm, but it’s only a matter of years since the age of on-demand streaming and the chance to consume new, immersive entertainment.

Many millions of us watch online video content every day. Whether it is video streamed to a computer, smartphone or tablet, the connectivity and technology are there to allow you to interact with videos – either live or pre-recorded – on-demand at your leisure.

Live-streamed casino games are also available on-demand, just like video streaming services. The 24/7 nature of online casino table games means that the live casino studios which host and stream these games must provide a service day and night, allowing players to enjoy the social interaction that live dealer games like roulette can offer.

The Technology Behind Live Casino Streams

There’s a huge selection of tech that powers your favourite live roulette game and other classic casino table titles. We expect a lot from today’s live streaming platforms. That’s why live dealer studios invest in high-definition web cameras to stream the table action to you in crystal clear quality.

These cameras are also placed so you can switch between table views. You can watch a stream of the roulette wheel on its own, or one with the roulette table and the dealer in sight too.

The Components Of Live Roulette Streaming

Camera Angles

Each camera used to display live roulette games is normally equipped to provide visuals in high-definition (HD) quality. It’s this calibre of video and audio that players increasingly demand when choosing to play their favourite roulette games at home rather than visiting their local casino. Live dealer roulette games often offer three different HD camera angles to choose from.

The generic view will be the wide-angle stream, spanning the dealer, the table, the roulette wheel, and the backdrop of the live casino studio. You’ll also be able to choose an alternative view of the dealer, filtering out the background of the studio and focusing solely on the actions of the dealer. Thirdly, you should be able to choose a camera that offers an up-close-and-personal view of the table action and the spinning roulette wheel. Many of these close-up cameras give you a better view of the wheel than you would normally have in a crowded land-based casino.

Live Chat Boxes

One of the main benefits of live casino games is the real-time interaction between dealer and player. Most live roulette games will overlay a live chat box in the corner of the screen, so that you can ask questions or simply chat to other players and the dealer.

Real-Time Game Data

Live casino technology is all about helping you make better-informed decisions at the table. With every spin of the wheel, the game data at your live dealer table is updated in real-time, allowing you to see the results of the last 50 spins of the roulette wheel to aid you with your live roulette betting strategies.

Game Control Units (GCUS)

To ensure your live roulette gaming is available 24/7, live dealer studios invest heavily in game control units (GCUs) to bring together all the nuts and bolts as one fully-functioning machine. The GCUs are designed to help you keep up with the real-time action, with minimal delays to your stream or betting action.

The last thing you want is lagging at the table, which could cut the number of seconds you have to bet on the roulette table in between spins. Inaccurate or inadequate GCUs could also mean you accidentally make the wrong bet choice. A good GCU makes sure every game runs seamlessly.

Game Monitors

Each live roulette table game is managed by a professionally trained dealer. As part of their training, they will be equipped with the skills to watch their game monitor throughout. This monitor will alert them to new players at the tables and winning players following each round of betting.

The game monitor can also be used by dealers to help instruct new players to the table, assisting them with placing bets if needed.

What Is A Live Roulette Studio Like?

Live casino studios are designed to replicate the style and sophistication of land-based casino floors. Whether it’s opulent décor or premium gaming tables, live casino studio facilities offer an authentic environment that’s as real as it gets without popping down to your nearest casino.

During most live roulette streams, you will see a host of other tables in action, just like you would on a casino floor. Each of these roulette tables are likely to have their own unique characteristics. This may be higher or lower betting limits, or alternative table designs.

The Most Popular Platforms For Live Streaming

The live streaming phenomenon is something that has enchanted people across the globe. Millions of people stream and consume live streams, particularly gamers that enjoy showcasing their exploits to fellow fans. Live streaming is one of the foundations of the burgeoning eSports industry, which growing in popularity as more millennials seek to become eSports professionals. Live streams of casino games like roulette are also common on the biggest platforms, as streamers attempt to explain their online roulette strategies and celebrate their major wins with others.

Let’s take a quick look at the leading live streaming platforms accessible to all live roulette streamers today.


Founded in 2006, Twitch has rapidly become a world-leading platform for live streaming games. The site was originally launched under the name of, providing live on-demand gaming content across a host of categories. The platform continued to grow before being bought by Amazon in 2014, for a deal worth a shade under US$1 billion! Since then, the platform has been on a steady upward trajectory, becoming a hub for eSports players, streamers, and commentators. It’s also staged live streams of professional sports games as well as casino games.


Established just a year before Twitch, YouTube is another video-sharing platform that needs no introductory. Within a year or so of its existence, YouTube was acquired by Google, who could see the potential for an on-demand video streaming platform. By 2011, YouTube Live was rolled out allowing for real-time broadcasts of major events. Today, YouTube Live is the biggest challenger to Twitch in terms of live streaming popularity, with many Twitch streaming personalities having made the move across to YouTube in recent years.

Facebook Gaming

Social media behemoth Facebook has also jumped onto the bandwagon, providing its own live streaming portal for content creators to showcase their favourite games in real-time. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a casual mobile app, a stream of a video game console, or live-action from an online or land-based roulette table, Facebook Gaming is a good place to start. There are easy sections to help display streams that are live, as well as categories showcasing the most popular weekly and daily clips.


Mixer is one of the newest entrants to the live game streaming industry. Established in Seattle back in January 2016, Mixer is passionate about connecting streamers and viewers across a huge choice of gaming categories. What’s particularly special about Mixer is that the platform uses a “Faster Than Light” streaming protocol that keeps a stream’s latency at very low levels. This means there’s often no more than a one-second time delay between the broadcaster and the viewer. It’s little wonder that this platform was quickly acquired by Microsoft and renamed from its original name, Beam, to Mixer.

Most Popular Roulette Streamers Revealed

On the Twitch community, there are several streamers that like to demonstrate their live casino experiences. RuzgarKartal is one particularly popular streamer, with a follower base of more than 5,000 people. He regularly streams his roulette gameplay as well as blackjack and video slots.

CasinoMonkeyTV is another popular channel, showcasing a host of live roulette streams with engaging audio, graphics and more.

If you prefer browsing streams on YouTube Live, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for SayHiToMatthew, who is a Canadian fanatical about Las Vegas. His vlogs and live streams often take him to land-based casino floors and have been known to stream him playing at roulette tables and video slots too.

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