10 Surprising Football Betting Facts

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10 Football Betting Facts You Won’t Believe

Celebrating all things gaming, gaoling and more, we picked out 10 football facts that highlight the links between betting and the beautiful game.

1. Leicester City Leave Fans Smiling

When Leicester City won the 2015-2016 Premier League title, very few people thought they could do it. Britain’s bookmakers were among those that had little to no confidence in the Foxes. As perennial underdogs and not considered a championship-winning side, Leicester were pegged as 5,000:1 outsiders. However, as is often the case in football, passion is stronger than pessimism.

Backing their team until the end, a few bold supporters decided to bet on Leicester to top the table. Fast-forward to the end of the season and that’s exactly what happened. With history made, tales of triumph rung out across the betting world. One fan cashed out his 5,000:1 bet early and turned €55 into €80,000. Another wagered €110 at 2,000:1 and took home over €220,000!

2. When Football Is More Important Than Your Wife

Just a little disclaimer here: we’re not excusing this punter.

Perhaps the most bizarre football betting story is the one about a man who put up his wife instead of money. Tensions always run high when Arsenal and Manchester United square-off, but they were higher than usual in 2014 thanks to Henry Dhabasani and Rashid Yiga. Henry, an Arsenal supporter, bet his house against the latter’s wife and Toyota Premio. United ended up winning the game 1-0, but we don’t know whether Yiga cashed in on his bet or not!

3. Bosnian Bets Against Himself…And Wins!

Sometimes, people make bets against the house. Sometimes, they do it against friends. Sometimes, we make very personal wagers. That’s what Vahid Cehaja did in 2013. The Bosnian bet (himself) that he’d travel 500 miles from his hometown of Bugojno to Bayern Munich’s stadium if they won the Champions League. As a lifelong fan, it was a bet he was all too happy to make. When Bayern bagged the cup, he not only made the trip, he did it on foot. For Cehaja it was a sign of respect.

4. A Permanent Reminder Of A Bet Gone Wrong

The highest stakes in betting often don’t involve money. Yes, you can play online slots or the lottery and win cash prizes. However, victory may never last as long as the feeling you get watching a friend tattoo something on their chest.

When Rodney Ward bet his friend, Paul Madden, that Manchester City would win the Premier League, he was prepared to go big. If City didn’t win, he agreed to have the Manchester Badge tattooed on his chest. Unfortunately for Ward, City didn’t win, and he now has a permanent reminder that, sometimes, playing for high stakes isn’t a good idea.

5. Newcastle Owner Wins €1.45 Million On A Spin

Some would say buying a football club is a gamble. Well, if that’s the case, it’s easy to see why Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley is a fan of casino. We’re not sure if he’s a fan of online slots with a football twist. However, we do know he likes a spin on roulette. In 2008, the multimillionaire businessman won €1.45 million from a London casino when the wheel stopped on 17.

6. A €3 Billion Game

European football is the biggest betting sector in the world. According to reports statistics, online sports betting is worth around €3.5 billion of which football leads the way as the go-to options for punters.

7. Bayern Help Punter Turn €0.30 Into €550,000

Everyone loves an accumulator. The thrill of watching multiple games decide your fate is one that makes Saturday football fun for a lot of people. As well as the excitement of predicting multiple outcomes, accumulators offer long odds. For one lucky sports fan, a 15-leg accumulator really did have long odds in 2001.

The bet contained selections from football, rugby, and cricket. In the end, it all came down to Bayern Munich winning the Champions League. The game went to penalties and, as is often the case with Germans and spot kicks, Bayern won. The unlikely accumulator had odds of 1,666,666:1, meaning the punter’s €0.30 bagged him €555,000!

8. Referee Costs Betting Fan €560,000

Referees often get a hard time from fans. Sometimes, however, supporters have a legitimate reason to be annoyed. In 2013, one man (who wished to remain anonymous) lost out on €560,000 because of referee Kevin Friend. Like so many, he’d made a series of unlikely bets and rolled them into one as an accumulator. Everything was set and came down to the last match between Leeds and Tottenham.

The man predicted that Leeds would beat Spurs 3-1. Leeds were winning 3-0 with the 90-minute mark approaching when Tottenham keeper Brad Friedel went up for a corner. Against the odds, he slotted the ball into an open net. However, it was a second too late. Friend had already blown the final whistle. With that, the anonymous €0.25 stake and €560,000 payday went up in smoke.

9. From Football To Poker Millionaire

Thomas Gravesen will be a familiar name to football fans. The Dane plied his trade in the Premier League, the Scottish Premier League, and La Liga. He was also a staple for Denmark during the early noughties. However, as successful as he was on the pitch, it seems Gravesen’s skills have been just as lucrative away from it. After retiring from football, he started to spend a lot of time in Las Vegas. Between poker, blackjack, and a few business investments, it’s rumoured he’s now worth €100 million!

10. The Euro 2016 Goal Worth €1.1 Million

In 2016, Daman Chick bet just €5 on Portugal’s Eder to score the winner in the Euro 2016 final. The bet was part of a football promotion worth

In 2016, Daman Chick bet just €5 on Portugal’s Eder to score the winner in the Euro 2016 final. The bet was part of a football promotion worth vmillion. When Eder scored in the 109th minute against France to net Portugal the title, Chick scored the million-pound prize.

In 2016, Daman Chick bet just €5 on Portugal’s Eder to score the winner in the Euro 2016 final. The bet was part of a football promotion worth over €1million. When Eder scored in the 109th minute against France to net Portugal the title, Chick scored the million-pound prize.

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