The Ultimate Guide To Chain Reactors

Online casinos may be most commonly associated with classic UK slots like Starburst and digital versions of card-based classics like blackjack, but many offer a range of other exciting gaming formats these days too.

Arcade-style gaming experiences are popping up more and more in the industry, with these titles generally featuring not only an array of colourful characters but also some vibrant, fast-moving gameplay and features to boot.

A game which falls into this category is Chain Reactors Super Trails, which has grown from its original status as a spin-off title to become a hugely popular online slot. In this guide, we’re going to provide you with all of the key information you need to know about the game, including its origins, the styles and themes it successfully embraces, and of course how you can play it.

What Is Chain Reactors Super Trails?

Chain Reactors Super Trails is a sci-fi-infused arcade-style slot, where the object of the game is to match symbols on a 7×7 grid. When you bet, symbols drop onto the grid and, if there is a chain of five or more matching symbols, a ‘reaction’ occurs.

This causes the matching symbols to disappear and further symbols to tumble down to fill the grid once more, potentially causing more reactions – and more wins – in the process.

The History Of Chain Reactors Super Trails

Chain Reactors Super Trails was created by OpenBet and is one of the latest entries in the popular Chain Reactors franchise.

Several different titles have been released in the series, from the original to Chain Reactors All Sports which, unsurprisingly, takes the concept in a sporty direction. However, Chain Reactors Super Trails has become the pick of the bunch, thanks to its combination of impressive visuals and high-quality features.

Games based around matching symbols are, nothing new, with hugely popular mobile games like Bejeweled and Candy Crush for example, and there are plenty of slots that use this mechanic too.

The Inspiration Behind The Game

But while Chain Reactors Super Trails is a newer take on a classic style of gaming, what are the inspirations and themes you can expect to see as you play the game? One of the first things you’ll notice when you load it up is how it has a sci-fi feel, with the display resembling the kind of console you could expect to see on a spaceship.

The centrepiece of the entire game is, of course, its 7×7 grid, which is fundamental to how the title works. This section of the game is populated with a host of weird and wonderful creatures who tumble onto the reels after you choose your stake and spin.

However, don’t expect the characters to simply sit still once they appear, as a range of animations have been used to bring them to life. Some may pull funny faces or flick their hair, while others may even turn around to see who’s sat next to them.

When all of that is considered, it could be said that Chain Reactors Super Trails is, in fact, not too dissimilar to some of the other arcade-style slot games online. A comparison can be drawn with Play n Go’s Reactoonz, which revolves around similar principles of matching colourful characters on a grid to win prizes.

How To Play Chain Reactors Super Trails

So now that you’ve discovered more about the themes behind the game, it’s time to learn about the gameplay and rules.

It’s easy, simply log in or open an account at LiveRoulette, find the game, set your stake and spin!

When you start the game, a new set of symbols will fall onto the grid and play will begin. The aim is to create clusters or ‘reactions’ of at least five matching symbols which are connected on horizontal or vertical lines across the grid. When this happens, those matching symbols disappear, allowing further symbols to then fall. This process then continues until the reactions come to an end, and your win is awarded.

Symbol Success

Your success in Chain Reactors Super Trails depends not only on the number of reactions you land, but also on the symbols which form them. The paytable within the game highlights how each of the characters featured has a different value, and the more you match, the higher your payout.

For example, if you match five Bombs, you’ll get a multiplier of 0.1x your stake. However, if you link 15 or more your payout will increase to 50x your stake. In contrast, five symbol matches with Horny pay out at 50x, while clusters of 15 or more offer 2,000x your stake!

There are ten different characters that could grace your screen, so it’s well worth getting to grips with the paytable in advance.

The Bomb Feature

Fill the bomb metre to trigger this explosive bonus round. Bombs will drop onto the grid in random positions and can be caught in a reaction. All symbols adjacent to a bomb will be destroyed, awarded you with cash.

After the bombs have vanished, new symbols will begin to drop once again. Any resulting reactions will not affect Free Falls, which we’ll go into shortly.

The Fire – or Dragon – Feature

This second bonus round sees a dragon appear in the middle of the screen and move around to destroy 20 symbols. For every symbol it destroys, you’ll get more a cash prize.

As with The Bomb Feature, symbols will then drop to fill any empty spaces and no resulting reactions will impact on the Free Fall element of the game. 

Free Falls

Traditional online slot games might have free spins, but players who take on Chain Reactors Super Trails get to experience Free Falls. This special mode is triggered when players manage to land at least seven clusters before any reactive bonus takes place. You can keep track of your progress on this using the Free Falls metre on the right-hand side of the screen.

At the start of Free Falls, you’ll get 15 free plays. This means you simply have to sit back and watch as the symbols drop and any reactions take place. Any money won is shown in the Free Falls Winnings section and added to your total once the round is completed. Following that, the game returns to normal.

It is worth bearing in mind that the Bomb and Flame icons are replaced by two other characters exclusive to Free Falls when the mode is activated. Cyclo can offer multipliers up to 250x, while matching 15 or more Brainy symbols leads to 500x payouts.

Key Stats

  • RTP: 94.58%
  • Max Win: £250,000
  • Max Multiplier: 2,000x your stake
  • Clusters needed to trigger Free Falls: seven
  • The number of free plays during Free Falls: 15

Why Play Chain Reactors Super Trails?

There are so many great UK slots available these days, but now and then it’s nice to try a game that’s just a bit weird. Chain Reactors Super Trails has a host of colourful characters and symbol-matching gameplay giving it a feel that a lot of the other titles don’t have.

Of course, you shouldn’t just take our word for it. Open an account with LiveRoulette and you can experience this game first-hand!

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