Live Roulette Beginners’ Guide

Roulette is by and large one of the most recognisable casino games in the world. Everything from the multi-numbered roulette wheel, to the green felt-lined betting table, to the dealer dropping the ball into the spinning wheel, roulette truly captures the excitement of playing at the casino with every spin.

Ever since the introduction of live dealer casino games, players have been able to enjoy the luxury of a real roulette table from the comfort of their homes. Live roulette perfectly combines player-dealer interaction with an online game. But if you’ve never played live roulette before, you might be wondering how to get started. We’ve prepared a beginner’s guide to help you on your way, and we’ll be digging deeper into the game of roulette throughout our blog.

How To Get Started With Live Roulette

When it comes to playing live roulette, getting started could not be easier. No matter if you’re a true beginner, or just itching to try out that online strategy, live roulette is very straightforward, and not all that different from the original game.

Live roulette follows the same rules as any casino, where you need to choose your chip value and place them on the numbers you hope will win. The dealer then releases the ball into the spinning wheel, and the winning number and bets are called out.

What Bets Can You Place?

There are quite a few different betting options to choose from when you play live roulette. The most common ones are called Inside Bets and Outside Bets, just like the classic roulette game. Here’s a refresher of the bets, in case you’ve never played roulette before:

Inside Bets And Outside Bets

Inside Bets are bets that are placed on specific numbers within the boxes on roulette table Outside Bets are wagers placed on larger groups of numbers. These can include simply betting on Red or Black, Odd or Even, Dozens, Columns, and 1 to 18 or 19 to 36.

Announced Bets

There’s also a special class of bets referred to as “Announced” or “Call” Bets, which vary depending on whether a player is playing the European or American variant of live roulette.

In European live roulette, these include neighbours bet Voisins du Zéro (betting on the numbers either side of zero on the wheel), Tiers Du Cylindre (thirds of the wheel), Orphelins à Cheval (split bets), and the Jeu Zero bet (a mini version of Voisins du Zéro covering two numbers to the right and four to the left of zero). In American live roulette, players can place a Five Number bet which places their chips on the five consecutive numbers 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3.

How Does Live Roulette Work?

The most important thing that is needed to play roulette live on your computer or mobile phone is a strong and reliable internet connection. That’s it!

When you visit a specific live roulette game in our “Live” lobby, you’ll need to wait for the dealer to open bets for a new round before you can take your virtual seat. Different camera angles will capture all the action on and around the table, creating a unique perspective. Depending on whether you’re sat at a VIP or shared table, you can also see other players placing bets at the table in front of the dealer.

Once the bets are placed, the dealer will release the ball and when it stops, announce the winning bets. If you manage to secure a winning bet, the prizes will be displayed on screen and added to your casino balance.

Can You Chat With The Dealer?

Yes, of course. Not only does the live dealer manage the entire game of roulette, but they’re also free to chat and engage with their audience.

You can ask the dealer questions about the game, confirm how to place a particular bet or even share a joke with them (but make sure to keep it clean and friendly). Most live roulette games will not allow players to communicate with dealers over a microphone, but via a live chat box rather like instant messaging.

So Many Live Roulette Variations!

When it comes to playing live roulette, you’re quite spoilt for choice. With a range of different variations starting from standard Live Roulette to more immersive options including live Speed Roulette and Lightning Roulette, there’s a game for everyone. We recommend starting with a standard table before working your way up to the other variants, as you’ll need to keep an eye on your bets and keep up with the game, which could be tricky if you’re still learning how to play.

You can try several top quality live online roulette games developed by industry leader Evolution Gaming, who have elevated live casino games with their selection of high definition offerings.

Where Can You Enjoy Online Roulette?

Anywhere! Live roulette can be enjoyed from the comfort of your sofa or bedroom at home, as long as you have a strong internet connection. The great news is that live online roulette games are now fully compatible with any device, which means that they can be played on a laptop, smartphone, or tablet with the same high definition.

With live roulette, you can sit back and watch others play to get accustomed to the betting and the flow of the game. Then when you’re ready, place your bets, please!

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