Instant Roulette: Live Multi-Wheel Table

Evolution Gaming is one of the leading names in the live casino space. True to its name, the developer’s library is constantly evolving and one product that’s arisen from this culture of innovation is Instant Roulette. Another of Evolution’s novel takes on live roulette, this game features multiple wheels, immediate results, and the option to play at your own pace.

The game was first unveiled at the 2020 ICE gaming conference and it’s now set to join the stable. With that being the case, it’s time to size up this live casino innovation and ascertain exactly why it’s a gamechanger.

What is Instant Roulette? A New Take on a Classic

Instant Roulette takes everything that’s great about live casino games but adds a few new wrinkles to the mix. As a standard, you’ll be able to enjoy HD streams from dedicated live gaming studios. Each game will be certified as fair by third-party testing agencies and the software is designed to make your experience as entertaining as possible. All of these things are qualities that Evolution has become synonymous with over the years. However, what Instant Roulette does is bring additional features to the fore.

The gap in the market Instant Roulette is aiming to fill is player control. Live casino games are great. However, in some instances, the speed of a game can put people under pressure. To ensure live casino games like Roulette Silver tick over at an acceptable pace, there is a time limit between spins. This is typically between 15 and 20 seconds. That’s a fair amount of time but it may feel a little too short if you’re unfamiliar with the game’s dynamics or you simply want a more leisurely experience, as opposed to quicker variations like Speed Roulette.

In contrast, Instant Roulette allows you to make bets in your own time. The developers have achieved this by creating a stream with 12 active roulette wheels. Each one starts and stops at a different time, which means you can place a bet whenever you like. Once you’ve made a bet, the next ball to drop will determine your result.

For example, let’s say wheels 1-4 are spinning as you make a decision. Just after you’ve locked in your bet, the ball drops into wheel 5. And because wheel 5 was the next game to stop after you placed a bet, that’s the result that determines whether your bet was successful or not.

This allows you to take as much time as you like in between bets and creates a more personalised live casino gaming experience.

How to Play Instant Roulette Online

The way you play Instant Roulette is virtually the same it would be for any of the games available at

Step 1: Select your stake.

Step 2: Place a bet on the number or group of numbers you like.

Step 3: Watch for the next active wheel to start. This will be the wheel that determines the result of your bet.

Step 4: Wait for the wheel to stop and see if you have any winning bets.

Step 5: End the game or place another bet. If you wish to jump straight into another round, you can hit the “rebet” button and your previous bet will be linked to the next ball that drops.

What Makes Instant Roulette an Instant Hit?

Instant Roulette has all the makings of a live casino hit. Alongside all the things Evolution already does well, Instant Roulette has three unique features:

Multi-Wheel Experience

The first reason to try Instant Roulette is the fact it features 12 staggered wheels. This allows you to play at your own pace. However, it also adds a sense of dynamism to the proceedings. Instead of there being a lull in the action, there’s always something happening. Given that live casino gaming is all about action and entertainment, the setup is perfect.

Unlimited Betting Time

Being able to choose when you make a bet is fantastic. This is particularly important if you’re a novice. Live casino games often require to know the basics in order to keep up with the action. This doesn’t mean you can’t get accustomed to the game fairly quickly, however, even if a game feels unfamiliar at first.

Instant Roulette eliminates this completely. You don’t have to wait for someone to tell you when to bet. Moreover, you won’t have anyone telling you to hurry up and make a move before the timer runs out. If you want to take five minutes in between bets, you can. If you want to dive straight back into the mix, you can.

Almost Instant Results

The final reason you’ll want to try Instant Roulette is the fact you can complete a round of bets fairly quickly. Because the result of your bet is linked to the next ball that’s going to stop, the time between making a move and finding out whether it’s been successful is short.

Therefore, if you want to play at your own pace, but also enjoy a slick gaming experience, Instant Roulette is ideal. Regardless of whether you’re a newbie or a pro, this Evolution innovation provides another great way to get more from live casino games via your desktop or mobile available on our Canadian online casino.

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