Mega Ball Live Casino Game Launched

We do everything we can to provide fresh experiences to LiveRoulette members and, as a result, we’re always on the lookout for new live casino games to add to our casino.

We have a huge amount planned when it comes to new online casino games launching in the months ahead and we’re particularly proud to announce the launch of the new live casino game Mega Ball.

But what’s the hype all about? Here we take a closer look at this hot new game.

What Is Mega Ball?

Mega Ball was been created by Evolution Gaming, the live casino gaming giant behind other hits such as Dream Catcher, Monopoly Live! and Deal or No Deal Live. Mega Ball is the latest in this game show styled collection.

The game revolves around 51 balls which are put in a spin in a special machine. Similar to bingo or a lottery, the balls are then drawn out one by one, to hopefully match what’s on the player’s cards. The aim? To get as many lines on your cards as possible.

It’s like live casino, meets lottery, meets bingo!

How To Play Mega Ball

So what can you expect when you play Mega Ball at LiveRoulette? The first step is to buy cards and what’s great is that you can a set price, starting from as low as 10p a card. Plus, you can play with up to 200 cards per round, to increase your chances of crossing off those winning lines. Each card features a 5 x 5 grid with an empty centre square.

When the game begins 20 balls are drawn at random from the machine and the numbers are marked on your cards. But what’s really exciting is the Mega Ball bonus round.

One or two Mega Balls are drawn and contain a multiplier, up to 100x. The ball (with the highest value if two are drawn) will multiply your winnings! Yes, that means whatever you win could be multiplied a hundred times!

An Intuitive Interface

While the idea of keeping track of the numbers drawn across a host of different cards may sound like a challenge, Mega Ball players can rest assured that Evolution Gaming has developed a system for handling this.

The interface used within the game not only automatically marks numbers on the cards but will also sort them and place those nearest to winning at the top. You’ll also see up to date game information in front of you, including how much you could potentially win if specific balls are drawn from the machine.

Why Should I Play Mega Ball at LiveRoulette?

There are several reasons why you should be keen to try this fast and fun live casino game:

1. It’s The First Of Its Kind

Live casino games may be nothing new, but Mega Ball is unique, as it’s the first 24/7 live bouncy ball bingo-style game with large multipliers.

2. It’s Fast

Fans of speedy gaming experiences will be in their element with Mega Ball, as a new game begins roughly every 75 seconds.

3. Simple and Straightforward

Mega Balls is a live casino game requiring little skill. If you’ve never even seen a live casino game before, you’ll get the hang of this one in no time. Simply choose your stake, buy your cards, then sit back and see what you’ll win. If you’re a fan of bingo we’re sure you’ll love this one, while slots players will also enjoy the great range of multipliers.

4. Plenty Of Flexibility

You’re in control of how much you spend on each card, and how many cards you want to play with. You can keep it simple with one or two, or maximise your chances with all 200.

Mega Ball Live Casino Infographic

A New Form of Live Casino Entertainment

We have so much in the pipeline over the coming months at LiveRoulette, with titles like Instant Roulette, Power Blackjack and First Person Baccarat just a handful of the new experiences we’ll be bringing to you. You might need some prior knowledge of casino gaming to tackle these titles, but Mega Ball is a simple, straightforward way for anyone to potentially win prizes.

Evolution Gaming are masters at this form of live casino experience and we cannot wait to see Mega Ball in action! 

So why not open an account at LiveRoulette our Canadian online casino and try it for yourself?

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